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Seasprat: two crew members tested positiv COVID-19


German Tanker Shipping (GTS) can confirm that two crew members on board the vessel ‘Seasprat’ have tested positive for Covid-19 and have been safely disembarked from The German Bight to isolation facilities in Cuxhaven.

MT ‘Seasprat’, owned by TMS ‘Seasprat’ GmbH & Co. KG, and operated by GTS, was on a voyage to discharge gasoil at three ports on the French Atlantic coast. En route from Ambes to the third port, Lorient, information was received that the loading-master at Donges (the first port-of-call) had tested positive for Covid-19.

GTS has had rigid Covid-19 procedures, plans and regulations in place since March 2020, and these were implemented on board immediately, in line with the relevant advice from the IMO.

At the same time GTS contacted the French port health authorities, and the entire crew (Master plus 15 – from Germany, The Philippines and Ukraine) was tested at Lorient. Two crewmembers’ tests were returned positive on 13 January. Both crewmembers were disembarked by a specialist vessel with an isolation container on deck on 14 January at the German Bight. They have been transported to Cuxhaven, where medical treatment and quarantine facilities are in place.

Seasprat will now continue her voyage to the next load-port in the Baltic, but will stop at Skaw for a further test of the entire crew. Depending on the results, expected on Saturday, the voyage will either continue or a standby crew will be deployed.